Community Hall Board of Directors announces new retailer for Anza during meeting

Discount variety retailer Dollar General is finalizing plans to open a store in Anza next year.

“A number of circumstances have come together which appear to have paved the way for the construction of a Dollar General Store in Anza in 2018,” stated Bill Donahue, who with his wife Noel (who serves as the Anza Community Hall Board president), County Supervisor Chuck Washington and his staff, the Cahuilla Band and the Rubicon Design Group, LLC, worked together diligently to make this a reality.

The Rubicon Design Group entered negotiations for the purchase of the lot between the Community Hall and the fire department to build the Dollar General more than one year ago. The county prohibition against drilling any new wells for commercial use until the U.S. v. Fallbrook Public Utility District water lawsuit is settled presented a huge hurdle to overcome, Donahue said.

Riverside County Supervisor Chuck Washington’s staff pointed the company toward a possible solution. While no new wells may be drilled, if the Dollar General could tie into an existing public water system such as the one at the Community Hall, the construction might be approved without violating the court’s order.

In the meantime, the Anza Community Hall was facing a problem of its own, in trying to raise enough money to complete the ADA disabled access upgrades to the building and parking lot. Thanks to a $70,000 CBDG award and another $5,000 C.I.D. Grant obtained through County, the Hall had sufficient funds to make the ADA upgrades to the bathrooms, but the federal government was requiring modifications to the handicap parking and access ramps that would require more work than the available funds would provide.

The Community Hall Board entered into negotiations with the Rubicon Design Group toward an agreement that would allow the RDG to tie into the Hall’s public water system if RDG paid for the ADA upgrades to the handicap parking and ramps. RDG would also pay for any upgrades required by the county to the Hall’s water system.

RDG reports that a representative of the Tribes has contacted them, expressing their support for this plan. The company has submitted its water study, which they believe to be the final requirement to be satisfied before receiving approval to proceed.

“Because we are finally at the point where it appears this project will move forward, it is time to make it public. Mike Railey of RDG will be at the AVMAC meeting at the Community Hall Nov. 8, to answer any questions. It appears that through cooperation between RDG, the Community Hall Board and Supervisor Chuck Washington’s office, we may finally see a new business built in Anza. This will provide jobs in the community and lower-cost products that many residents need,” said Anza Community Hall President Noel Donahue.

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