Community Hall Board hears update on Hall renovations

Construction materials mingle with the Hall's tables and chairs as construction at the Community Hall nears completion. Diane Sieker photo
Construction materials mingle with the Hall’s tables and chairs as construction at the Community Hall nears completion. Diane Sieker photo

ANZA – A working meeting of the Anza Community Hall Board of Directors, held March 29, was held to disseminate information to the board about the progress of the improvements at the Anza Community Hall, according to a press release issued by board President Noel Donahue.

“There had been some unexpected delays from the Grantor, when the project started,” Donahue said in an email statement to Anza Valley Outlook. “While the Grantor selected the contractors in early February it took until March 15 before the Notice to Proceed was issued to those contractors by the Grantor. The Community Hall had virtually shutdown on Feb. 25 based on the belief that three weeks would be sufficient time between the selection of the contractors and having contracts in place.

For the first three weeks, most of the work being done was by local volunteers, completing tasks not covered by the Grant money. On the day of the meeting, Donahue confirmed with the contractor that the kitchen floor was ready for the volunteers to start putting the equipment back in the kitchen.

The kitchen cabinets and counter installation were completed and the flooring contractor estimated that they would be completing their work soon.

“The Community Hall is now starting the process of getting everyone prepared to return the Hall operations back to a normal schedule,” Donahue said. “They hope to have the Thai food vendor back in operation by April 8 and all other groups back to their normal use of the Hall at that same time.”

According to Donahue, a second Grant was applied for to help cover the extra costs associated with the ADA upgrades and as of the date of this meeting has not heard whether that grant application has been approved and if so, for what percentage of the cost of the ADA upgrades.

“A fundraising event for KOYT Radio had to be postponed because of the aforementioned delays so the board is anxious to get that event back on the schedule as an opportunity for the community to see the improvements at the Hall,” Donahue said.

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