County to Grant Amnesty on Code Enforcement

ANZA-In a shocking move Wednesday Aug 8th, County Supervisor Stone revealed to a packed hall changes in the way the county will be handling issues concerning Code Enforcement and Building and Safety deposit policies. The changes would represent a 180 degree turnaround from May’s AVMAC meeting. This will affect a whole gambit of code enforcement violation issues across the board. A week or so ago, the AVMAC group met with Supervisor Stone and his staff and conveyed the citizens outcry of grievances, along with what the county heard at May’s meeting, which got the ball rolling on the changes to be made here in the valley. These changes are a pilot program in the Anza/Aguanga areas only and not across the entire county. Here are some main issues of change.

1) Amnesty, a clean slate, a fresh start for those with an open case and who file with the County Supervisor’s Office within 90 days by calling 1-866-383-2203 or using the contact form at or by contacting Corrine Daly, Legislative Assistant for Code Enforcement at 951-955-1030.

2) They will be dealing with issues that are of concern for public health and safety only. Example-exposed wires, drop off from doors where there are no safe stairs. No barking dogs or such. As long as homeowners work with the county they will work with them on the issues.

3) No more anonymous phone calls. Name, number, and address must be given when turning in a complaint.

4) Containers on improved property will no longer be citied.

5) Stone is throwing out the upfront deposit policy for undisclosed, ahead of time, fees for small builders and homeowners. He wants citizens to know what a project will cost right out of the box.

So that all the aspects of the meeting are covered, the minutes of the meeting will be published at a later date when received.

Everyone is encouraged to come and bring your questions and hear the new updates at the next AVMAC meeting, Wednesday, October 10th at 7 pm at the Anza Community Hall. Supervisor Stone and his staff will be attending.

Other good news: Due to the warm nature of the evening, Supervisor Stone offered to fund an air conditioner for the Communiy Hall. Around 150 people cheered!

Officials in attendance were: Supervisor Jeff Stone, his staff; Chief of Staff Verne Lauritzen, Legislative Assistant Opal Hellweg, Legislative Assistant Olivia Barnes, Legislative Assistant Corrine Daly, new head of Code Enforcement Brain Black, and the new head of Transportation and Land Management (TLMA) Juan Perez. TLMA oversees five county departments: Building and Safety, Code Enforcement, Environmental Programs, Planning, and Transportation.

The AVMAC council members in attendance were Gordon Lanik, Cindy Barker, Bob Giffin, Daniel Marlin, and Sharon Evans.

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  1. Vic   August 24, 2012 at 9:37 am

    Dear Mr Stone and other staff,

    I want to thank you for being open to cooperation. Your response was extraordinary, and it warms my heart to see people doing the right thing.

    I look forward to coming in October 10th to listen in on any news and updates. I personally have no issues, nor am involved in the matters, although a local resident. But seeing dynamic community involvement always makes my day!


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