Crop Swap offers a neighborly way to stock up on delicious, homegrown goodies

Jerry Thorton supplied healthy kale starts to the Crop Swap, held June 2 in Minor Park in Anza. Crop Swap is held every Friday beginning at 5:30 p.m. in Minor Park. The swap runs from June through September. Diane Sieker photo

Where can you get fresh fruit, veggies, plant seedlings, organic eggs and even gourmet cheese? How about from your friends and neighbors?

Check out the Anza Crop Swap for items such as these and so much more. Held at Anza’s Minor Park every Friday from June through September, Crop Swap gives participants the opportunity to trade their fruits and vegetables to one another while creating a festive atmosphere to share great planting advice or tips from successful gardeners on just about anything. The best part is the information is divulged in a wonderfully neighborly way.

Crop Swap begins at 5:30 p.m. each week.

The first Crop Swap took place June 2 and was a resounding success. Onions, peas, apricots, Russian kale, lettuces, cilantro, collard greens, radishes, paneer cheese, cantaloupe starts and other interesting things were shared. The event requires no cash, as the items are not literally for sale.

Each participant in the group picks from a deck of playing cards and the person with the highest card gets to select from the pile of goodies. And around it goes. It is fun, informative and delicious. Tara Lehner’s huge chunk of paneer cheese was the first item to go during the June 2 event, as Jerry Thorton scooped it up. Bahb Woolley’s collard greens were also a nutritious hit.

If you garden, raise poultry for eggs, or tend an orchard or a grove, you cannot miss this gathering of like-minded souls.

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