The dream unfolds at the premier of ‘Cataract Gold’

Friends Stephanie Booth, Paul Keiner, Steve Silkotch, his wife Jacquie, and Blake Booth at the premiere of “Cataract Gold.” Jodi Thomas photo
Friends Stephanie Booth, Paul Keiner, Steve Silkotch, his wife Jacquie, and Blake Booth at the premiere of “Cataract Gold.” Jodi Thomas photo

Every movie made began as someone’s dream. It is no different for all the talent involved in the making of the American Independent Film, “Cataract Gold.”

All those talents came together at the Mary Pickford Theatre to celebrate and experience the end results of their efforts at the first public showing of “Cataract Gold,” Thursday, Jan. 26. This experience was made special with a Hollywood style premiere complete with pre- and post-parties with the cast and crew.

The movie “Cataract Gold” is a Western directed by Paul Kiener, written by Katalina Prince and Paul Kiener. Starring Morgan Alise James, Dale Shane, Caroline DeGraeve, Seth Marshell , Bryan Hanna, Bill Hegarty, Steve Silkotch, Michael Thomas, Eric Cervantes and Dan Ferguson, the movie is part history, part drama and suspense, entwined with a love story or two, with a healthy addition of western gun fighting.

According to Kiener Productions, “The plot is set in 1880, ‘Cataract Gold’ is the story of two sisters whose widowed father Jeremiah Clark is killed for a map he made while traveling the Colorado River with John Wesley Powell, on his expedition in 1869 to map the Green and Colorado Rivers for the U.S. Government. After finding their father shot by the Wilcox brothers, the sisters find the map to the gold in the shattered frame of their mother’s picture. Deciding to follow the map two groups set off in an epic race and battle across three states to claim the fortune left in Cataract Canyon.”

A movie is a delicate balance of the melding of many artistic genres with the results up on the big screen for all to see. As with all movies, the reaction and interpretation is left up to the audience. Everyone who attended could feel how special this event was as friends sat together talking and reminiscing.

This is the excitement of viewing a new film; the film premiered in the lap of luxury at the Mary Pickford Theatre, where movie goers were treated to leather lounge recliners with room to stretch, beer and wine and popcorn.

Most of the premiere’s audience was very close to the project and though the movie addresses issues of a serious nature, there were times of laughter as they remembered what happened during the filming of a scene. For example, as the bad Wilcox brothers and friends up on the big screen tried to get their boat off the shore into deep water to give chase. One could not help laugh as the actors who are real-life cowboys bungling the launch. The head honcho and one other cowboy, not wanting to get their boots wet, were inside the boat. They repeatedly were making opposing moves that hampered the effort of the two in the water pushing and pulling, hastening the chase. One of those cowboys was Steve Silkotch who said, “That was not acting. We were really having trouble. After all what do cowboys know about launching a heavy wooden boat into a river.” The impromptu humor did give a good release to the movie’s more serious plot, as the poor daughters were being pursed for their knowledge to find “Cataract Gold.”

According to the film’s Director and Co-writer Paul Kiener, “‘Cataract Gold’ has been showing too sold out crowds since the night of premiere, which is very exciting!”

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You can learn more about what is happening with “Cataract Gold” there as well as the movie’s Facebook page and website at

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