F.U.N. group need for turkeys and hams for free holiday meals

The Anza Friends Uniting Neighbors, otherwise known as, F.U.N. Group, is requesting that members of the community assist with the donation or funding for 20 turkeys and 10 hams for the planned free holiday meals they serve on Thanksgiving and Christmas at the Community Hall in Anza.

For the past seven years the F.U.N. Group has prepared and served a free community meal on the last Sunday of every month except November and December. In those months the holiday-themed meals are served on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. In addition to the good food and socializing, musician Michael Beatty has gotten up early on Christmas Day, opened gifts with his family and then made the two hour drive to Anza to provide musical entertainment for the diners. Volunteers from all walks of life make sure everything is perfect for these holiday meals.

While these dinners are an act of love from the people who cook and serve them, paying for all the ingredients can be a struggle. The F.U.N. Group also provides food to community members every Thursday during the year. Large $15 or larger $30 boxes of food are offered and these often contain food valued at several times the amount of the purchase price. These boxes are sold to help cover the cost of the bulk purchase of the groceries.

These funds allow the F.U.N. Group to give out boxes for free to those who can’t afford even a $15 box. Some weeks enough paid boxes are sold to recoup the cost of the food purchase but other weeks the cost of that purchase is shifted onto the three families who founded of the F.U.N. Group. On average each of these families donates about $500 a month to keep the programs afloat.

They could really use more community support.

“Several local churches have provided financial support in the past and the F.U.N. Group hopes that support will continue. While the founders of the F.U.N. Group all attend the same church, they opted to function separately from their church so that it would be clear that this was not the function of one specific church,” said Bill Donahue of the F. U. N. Group.

“At the Thursday food box program, you will find volunteers from at least four local area churches and many people not associated with any church. We are all different races, colors and creeds but we are neighbors and the F.U.N. Group stands for Friends Uniting Neighbors. Let’s unite and get behind these efforts. Thanksgiving and Christmas are very expensive meals to put on and the F.U.N. Group could use some help,” he said.

The group typically requires about 20 turkeys and 10 hams, plus all the other side dishes to serve 150 to 200 people. Due to limited cooking space, some people cook the meats and casseroles at home and bring them to the Hall for the dinner event.

To help by providing and/or cooking one of these items or to make a donation to help put on these meals, contact Donald Seddon of the F.U.N. Group at (760) 390-5537 or email him at donaldfseddon@yahoo.com.

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