From the Heart shares Christmas with local children

For the past two years, From the Heart Ministries (FTH) has partnered with Rancho California Chapel (RCC) to donate time, talent, crafts, and cookies for the children’s Christmas party.

“They show up, decorate, setup, and have all the crafts and activities ready. They staffed, organized, and run the whole party. It is great. All we did was make coffee,” said FTH’s Debra Howe.

This year the party was held in the Anza Community Hall and it was packed. Children were having their nails decorated, their faces painted, family pictures were taken in front of the tree, and children then decorated the frame that held them.

Children were busy making ornaments, decorating stockings, and making the figures from the nativity using small clay pots. The cookie spread was tremendous as well as delicious.

“These children are so patient and dear; they make doing crafts with them fun,” said RCC’s

Connie McBride.

“It is a real blessing to do this,” commented RCC’s Kathy Dickinson.

Every one was having a great time and the hall was crowded for hours.

“Merry Christmas everyone, and a big thank you to all who made the party possible,” said From the Heart staff.

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