Garner Valley Women’s Group tours local vineyards

The Garner Valley Women’s Group recently enjoyed a tour of two local vineyards. The Thomas Mountain Vineyard was hosted by Jim and Timmie Martens and Rancho Del Sol Vineyard was hosted by Ed and Alice Wall.

The vines were heavy with grapes. It was a beautiful day for learning about growing grapes and the making of wine. The ladies and their friends and escorts traveled from the Garner Valley area to the Anza Valley, learning something new as they visited each vineyard.

The group after the tour enjoyed a blind taste test of young wines at the Walls out under the grapevine covered gazebo. Fourteen different wines were tasted, commercial and non-commercial, it was quite the experience. The palate was cleansed after each taste with crackers. White wines then reds were tasted and identified only by number to the guests. Chocolate was passed around with the red. A tasting with and without the chocolate was asked to be recorded. Some reds tasted surprisingly much better with the chocolate. In the end, surprisingly, the Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s seemed to win the most votes for its complexity and taste. After the tasting the group enjoyed various cheeses with their wine of choice before going into the house to feast on a Mediterranean buffet hosted by Garner Valley Women’s Group members Timmie Martens and Alice Wall.

Everyone commented on what an interesting day it was and how much they enjoyed it.

Garner Valley Women’s Group is a service group that started meeting back in the late 70s early 80s. They meet monthly at the Garner Valley Commons. To learn more, call Adrienne Hochee at 951-719-7319 or email her at

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