Hamilton High students prepare for competitive job world

Last semester at Hamilton High School, local businessmen and women came together to help facilitate “Mock Job Interviews” along with teachers Jean Frasier and Jane Recht. This was a second year for many to participate and the first time for others. All were excited to see how their list of students would do during their live interviews.

Students were required to have filled out a mock application, write a cover letter and resume slanted towards a job of their choice, and then e-mail it to the job interviewer for review.

Each interviewer would rank the students by appearance, delivery, knowledge of the job, and also on their paperwork. Each student received a certificate of participation and one was ranked #1 in the group. Job titles like Vet Tec, Military, Jr. Photographer, Graphic Designer Assistant, Food Handler, Floral Design, Construction Worker, Law Enforcement, Jr. Electrician and Nursing, to name a few.

The mock interviews give participating students an opportunity to learn how to handle themselves and gain valuable experience so they can better compete in a competitive job market. One interviewer was Hamilton alumnus Katrina Recht, now 28. She shared about coming from a small town and school.

“I am very proud to have come from such a small town and school. Most of the people I graduated with I still know 10 years later. The quality skills I have learned here have made it possible for me to be competitive in a very competitive job market. I hold a very competitive job title in the job market. I am an Emergency Department Technician. I work in the Urgent Care and Emergency rooms, assisting nurses and doctors and providing basic patient care at Palomar hospital. The opportunities I received here made the difference,” shared Recht.

After the interviews, the group of interviewers came together, ate lunch and discussed how they could make next year better. This mock interview exercise is a fine example of community coming together to make a difference.

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