IDYLLWILD: Lack of preparation or water leads to rescue of 2 from Tahquitz Rock

IDYLLWILD — Two “distressed hikers” were rescued from the north face of Tahquitz Rock Saturday, June 24, after the pair went on a hike they were not prepared to take.

The pair called 911 at 6:35 p.m., and reported they had not brought a sufficient supply of water and were suffering from dehydration, Riverside Sheriff’s Sergeant Vance Stolte explained.

Deputies from the Riverside Sheriff’s Hemet Station and other emergency first responders were dispatched to the area and the Sheriff’s aviation unit “Star-9” was summoned to assist in the search and rescue.

Volunteer members of the Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit responded to the scene to assist with the rescue.

Aviation crew members successfully located the hikers and guided RMRU members, who hiked to the pair’s location.

“With the assistance of the RMRU, a hoist operation was initiated and both hikers were safely recovered,” said Stolte, who used the opportunity to remind citizens who engage in vigorous outdoor activities during the warm summer months to always “stay hydrated and carry extra water when participating in outdoor activities.”

Hiking enthusiasts should always carry proper equipment for any outdoor excursions and be prepared for any event.

Preparation includes a well thought-out travel plan shared with friends and family, as well as familiarity with common hiking equipment, such as water, food, a signal whistle, GPS, maps, compass, a small first aid kit, flashlight and fully charged cell phone.

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