Jojoba Hills SKP Resort holds annual Colossal Yard Sale

Buyers examine the small trinkets at the Jojoba Hills SKP Resort’s Colossal Yard Sale, held Oct. 13-15.  Diane Sieker photo

The much-acclaimed and anticipated Jojoba Hills SKP Resort’s Colossal Yard Sale was held Oct. 13-15 in Aguanga. This event may have been the largest and most successful bargain event in its 21-year history.

The RV community’s sale is an annual affair which was first devised and organized way back in 1996 by resort resident Gary Hagelbarger. It has grown and become more renowned every year.

“All donations come from the park members,” Hagelbarger said. And this year, the donations added up to a massive collection of clothes, jewelry, tools, electronics, sports equipment, collectibles, books, craft supplies, furniture, kitchen wares, linens, bicycles, accessories and more.

The “colossal” event is held on the second weekend of every October.

“We call this a community service,” Hagelbarger said, “and the stuff left over goes to charitable organizations.” It also helps the community by providing reasonably priced items for everyone attending, he said.

All proceeds from the sale benefit the resort members. It helps pay for things like live bands, catering and other extras for social gatherings. It also serves as a way for the residents of the park to recycle their cast-offs, unneeded items and enable them to clear out their closets.

The event is meticulously organized and choreographed by Hagelbarger. About 40 volunteers assisted this year, doing everything from cashiering, helping people with questions, parking vehicles, performing shuttle service between the sale and parking area and loading and keeping order of the plethora of items carefully exhibited on tables. Categories are organized into specific locations, and these categories remain constant year after year. Veteran shoppers can be observed rushing to distinct areas to browse their items of interest, such as the tool, jewelry or clothing sections.

Hagelbarger said that the volunteers are organized into heads of departments with volunteers assigned to certain jobs. The chores for the weekend and preceding weeks are delegated in this fashion. He was completely confident in his crew, and it showed.

The sale was great fun for buyers, and treasures were hauled away en masse. On Friday, 243 cars and trucks came through the gates to participate.

“We got a few great deals. They had a ton of things. The staff was really friendly,” Aguanga resident Nancy Meyers said.

Ashley Paulson said, “We went and thought it was awesome. So much stuff!”

On Sunday, everything was reduced to half price, then at noon it was all reduced further to a dollar a bag. Buyers were supplied with 30-gallon trash bags to stuff as many goodies into as possible.

At the very end, the remaining items were loaded up by a local organization to be dispersed further within the local community.

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