Keaton Grant of Troop #337 reaches Eagle Scout

It was windy and cold as a group of friends gathered on the west shore of the lake in Lake Riverside Estates to honor and swear in a new Eagle Scout, Keaton Grant.

“When I started, I had no idea what scouting meant. I thought I was there for just the fun stuff. I enjoyed moving up to the Boy Scouts. That is when the fun really happened. My first camp out, it was cold like this. That first camp out was very exciting for me,” explained Keaton Grant.

Keaton had been working on his Eagle Scout requirements and finished his Eagle Scout project a year ago. At that time, his father, Keith Grant, was deployed and the family would wait for his return before celebrating Keaton’s accomplishment.

It was Nov. 11, 2011, when Keaton was putting on the finishing touches to the monument to honor all veterans of all wars. The monument was created upon a large granite stone near the lake. He drilled three holes at the top to hold flag poles and ground and cut an indent that would hold a special plaque paying tribute to all the services and the men and women who served.

It was very cold that fall day, and it was so windy that there were white caps on the lake. Keaton’s mom had gone home to grab him a sweatshirt and some cocoa to warm him up. When she returned, she found Keaton curled up against the rock trying to keep warm. It was so cold he wanted to quit for the day. His mom reminded him of all the service men who over time fought, bled, and served, on a cold day. They would have nowhere to go to get out of the cold.

With only rags for shoes, brave men fought to create what would become one of the greatest nations on earth. If they had gone home due to hardship and cold weather, where would we be today?

“Let’s get this finished; we are almost done,” she said, and they did.

One year later, Keaton’s dad was home and now with great joy and symbolism, friends, family, Troop #337, and their leaders gathered to honor and install Keaton into the Eagle Scouts. The day took on the demeanor of the year before, cold, windy and white caps on the lake, it was hard to bear. The crowd was touched by Keaton’s mom, Charlotte’s story, and endured the cold to honor this young man, Keaton Grant.

Keaton is a part of Troop #337 out of Temecula. They have a program that has produced over the past 19 years, 52 Eagle Scouts, Keaton being #52. The average of Scouts reaching their Eagle Scout goal by age 17 is normally only four percent. Troop #337 organization’s is much higher, which is a testament of the leadership dedication to the Eagle Scout program.

Being an Eagle Scout is a very a prestigious accomplishment and is recognized by schools, business, and the military; earning them a step up when entering many of these establishments. These young men are the best of America’s young future leaders because of the traits and training received throughout their scouting years

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