Lake Riverside Estates hosts Halloween Fun Show

“And they’re off!!” the announcer yells as the children take the stick horses they’ve made and compete in a race at the Lake Riverside Estates Halloween Fun Show Saturday, Oct. 21. Diane Sieker photo

The blustery day did not prevent children and parents from attending the Lake Riverside Estates Halloween Fun Show Saturday, Oct. 21, in Lake Riverside.

The event centered around the community’s Equestrian Center and featured horse-themed activities for the children. Besides several live horses to meet, there were games, costumes, face painting, pumpkin painting and stick-horse racing. A bake sale provided sweet treats for everyone, and the proceeds were donated to the Lake Riverside Estates Equestrian Committee.

The winds were brisk and posed a challenge to the collapsible temporary shelters and lightweight decorations, but the fun prevailed regardless.

Children wore their Halloween costumes, and the many cowboys, cowgirls, doctors and even Star Wars characters busily took part in the games and activities. The horses were also decked out in their Halloween finest; One Horse was dressed like a cup of Starbucks Frappuccino and another looked like a doughnut with sprinkles.

Pumpkin painting was a hit, with colorful jack-o’-lanterns sporting bright red, blue, green, yellow and purple designs. An egg race was held, and a “build a stick horse and race it” competition was a wonderful mess of confusion as the young jockeys rushed about, much to the delight of adults, parents and siblings.

“We had a good time today. It’s great to see people doing more as a community. I hope to see more things like this,” Melissa Bell said, who bought her young son Dylan dressed up in a doctor’s outfit.

The attending equestrians competed in a small show of horsemanship, with ribbons dispersed to the winners. But the main focus of the event was on the younger children and the Halloween fun.

The bake sale featured fresh desserts, and the extras were auctioned off at the end of the event by organizers Cezanne Ryerson-Jodka and Stacy Kuhns. Hot dogs were supplied and prepared by longtime residents Nyna and Charlie Cheek.

LRE Equestrian Committee member Diana Quinlan was not able to attend much of the festivities at the arena, as she was attending the LRE open board meeting that morning to advocate for the community’s equestrians and for improvements to the arena grounds. She did drop in with good news, however.

“The board has approved our 60-foot round pen, so hopefully that will be in soon, and we will take excess sand from the arena to make it usable. We are also working on the conditional exemption permit for the property, so we are able to put our pavilion and other outbuildings on this parcel,” Quinlan said.

Improvements continue to be planned and implemented at the equestrian center, making it even more user-friendly for residents. Many more events are being planned for the facility.

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