Letter to the Editor – We want to protect your property rights

Dear neighbors,

A great many of you are aware of the recent code enforcement citations and complaints issued at an alarming rate in the past few years. Many of you have attended our very recent meetings and have asked to participate with a group to address the problem. Your AVMAC heard the cries from their community and assisted by having Supervisor Stone and his staff at the last AVMAC meeting in August to speak of what the County will do to help.

At that meeting, Supervisor Stone spoke of his test program called Amnesty, the fee based deposit issues, the storage container violations, and the storm drain compliance. It was also discussed that a committee may be formed to assist our citizens in the resolution of their concerns, and that this committee will work hand-in-hand with the AVMAC.

We formed this committee on Sept. 4, 2012 and we would like to introduce ourselves to you the communities of Anza Valley and its territories. It is our mission to work with you in creating a win-win for the citizens of the Anza Valley and its territories and the County Of Riverside.

Our name is the Anza Valley Property Owners Rights Team: AVPORT.

Our mission statement is: To seek protection for property owner’s rights in the Anza Valley and its territories while ensuring public health and safety in accordance with standards adopted by the State of California in cooperation with local government.

We believe that by working together, we can get things accomplished one case at a time. We have already started receiving cases from community members and the very near future we will inform you on how to get in touch with us and start your program.

In closing, our mandate comes from the consensus of nearly 500 of our citizens who attended the July 8 meeting at the community hall. From that, the team has 187 signed members from our community with instructions that we, the community of Anza and its territories, will stand together in harmony and with whatever resolve is necessary to protect our civil liberties.

The AVPORT board would like to invite you to participate in this process. At this time we are in need of assistance from attorneys, licensed contractors, engineers, and general volunteers for stuffing and addressing envelopes. All assistance is greatly appreciated and all of us are important to make this work. You can contact us at (951) 763-4875 at this time or (951) 763-2535.


Michael Machado: President

Robyn Garrison: Vice President

Michael Mrsny: Treasurer

Lisa Wallace: Secretary

Steve Packard: Construction Consultant

Paul Gregoire: Director

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