Memories of a friend; Dee White

For some reason, Dee and I had a special bond. Whenever we met, we hugged, not much was ever said; we just enjoyed being in each other’s presence. It was like she and I shared a secret no one else knew, but that was Dee. When she greeted someone, no one ever felt like a stranger, she would beam a big smile that shone though her whole body.

Though she had fought cancer in its different forms for years, she never lost faith or hope. She practiced sharing her faith and love of the Lord through the example of her life throughout its trials. She had seen remission and cures over the years. The last bought came in the form of bone cancer. Over the course of four years or so, it finally took its toll. Weary in body she had told loved ones she was ready to go home to be with her Lord and on Oct. 27, she did just that.

She knew her time was short and so she had begun planning her own memorial service. People who knew her testified that this was just like Dee, she was a planner.

She had planned many plays, dances and at the Jojoba Hills RV Resort to the delight of the residences. A poet at heart, Dee wrote her last words and hopes for those who she loved and who loved her. They where handed to out to all who came to her service. She also wanted everyone to wear bright colors at her memorial in her honor.

Dee and her husband Jim often wore bright colors, and funny hats, sporting their love of fun for life. Because the bone cancer was in her leg, Dee had a special cane; it was a very whimsical wooden cane with twists and crooks.

She would have Jim decorate it with colored paint, changing its colors according to the season. Jim always had a joke, and Dee loved to laugh; they loved nature and to go camping with friends. They loved to garden and you would often hear their stories of battles with bunnies over the garden plants.

She loved children and she attended a church for some time, up until the time traveling was too tough on her. It was there that she had started a Sunday school some five years back, for just one child, because God had laid it on her heart.

This one grew into many, numbering 50- 60 children at one time. That one child’s life was deeply touched. Now as a high school teen, he was sitting at my table at Dee’s memorial honoring his friend. She loved her husband, her children, and her grandchildren. It was evident in her way of speaking of them, and in the way they remember her, it was evident they loved her back.

On Saturday, Nov. 3, over 300 people packed the community hall at Jojoba Hills to say goodbye, to remember and honor this precious lady, Dee White. She gave love and laughs, she will be deeply missed.

“Love doesn’t die, people do. So when all that is left of me is love, give me away…Until we meet again,” Dee White.

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