Neighbors helping neighbors is the name of the game for local business owner

Local business owner and Anza Service and More creator Sean Holmquist collects guitars when not matching workers to local jobs. Sean Holmquist photo

Local Anza business owner Sean Holmquist has had to be innovative and clever to keep his employees busy during a company crisis that lasted for months. The unexpected result was that he has connected neighbors with neighbors in a very positive way.

Holmquist using social media to find jobs for his employees during a company down time and has now expanded to create “Anza Services and More” as a way to connect people looking to have work completed with the workers that could do the projects. The referral service includes handymen, laborers, weed abatement experts, local contractors and tradesmen.

“I started Anza Services and More because I had to find work for my guys, so they didn’t starve while Doctor Playground was in limbo,” Holmquist said. “About two weeks in, I started getting calls, and all my guys were now out on local jobs.” Doctor Playground is a playground surfacing contracting company that Holmquist owns.

But soon the demand for his workers out-distanced the ability to attend every job. So Holmquist decided to advertise on Facebook, hiring local youngsters to weed whack and do some odd jobs, “to help keep the kids up here out of trouble and put money in their pockets.”

“It was tough finding ones that wanted to work and provide an honest service to the community on a consistent basis,” Holmquist, who values his hard-earned reputation as a dependable contractor, said. “A few would show up to work one day, and I would never hear from them again. Then I would run into the kids that would no-show, and people started to get upset with me so I changed gears and started using local adults.”

Unfortunately the same thing happened with some of the grown-ups, but Holmquist did not give up. Finally finding a handful of dependable people that wanted and needed the employment, he matched them up with folks asking for workers, posting positive customer reactions on social media as an incentive to the workers to do an even better job next time.

And it has worked. Literally. Neighbors are helping neighbors. The reviews on the Facebook page have said it all.

“These guys have my vote! Hired them to do a cleanup on 20 acres for a family reunion at my place. Done in record time, polite, kept their heads down and finished in record time. Could not ask for more,” wrote Aguanga resident Chuck Bailey.

Dan Robinson of Anza said, “I would highly recommend Sean’s crew to do work for me any time,” after they built him a custom outdoor aviary for a pet bird.

“The idea here is to get the people of Anza and the surrounding communities to spend their money on the hill using local people and resources,” Holmquist said. “Not going to Temecula or Hemet to get a contractor, painter, tile layer, carpet cleaner or installer. I get calls all the time from people needing things I can’t offer, and I hate turning them away.”

Customers can contact Anza Services and More by phone, text or social media messaging, and Holmquist goes through his lists of people able to fill that need, works out the hourly wage, gas, tools and supplies and makes sure the customer and the person working all understand each other so there aren’t any surprises.

Weed abatement, horse stall and corral cleaning, fence repair and other odd jobs are done on a daily basis, and carpentry, rubberized flooring installation under Doctor Playground’s licensing, handyman services and even appliance installation are offered.

Potential workers are screened by Holmquist.

“I look for a self-starter type, someone eager to learn,” he said. “I screen the people the best I can by their Facebook (profile) and our phone conversation. When I send someone to a house, I will give the customer their information and a screen shot of the person’s Facebook so there are no surprises.”

Holmquist sports a stellar reputation through his business and his involvement in the community on various volunteer projects. He is well-liked and popular, and this reputation gives Anza Services and More a definite edge. People are raving. And even better, he does his part at no charge to anyone.

“The response has been pretty good from the customers, and a few of the people hired have been very appreciative and those are my favorites,” Holmquist said. “I love hearing that a customer is happy, and a person that I got some work for appreciates my troubles because it’s not easy organizing this thing. There’s no money in it for me; I just love the feeling of helping people that deserve to be helped. My goal is to create a vessel that brings the community closer and eventually gets the kids to jump on board. The kids here need to work and earn their own money. I need good people (for Doctor Playground) and what better way to find a driven person than this? I feel it’s a great way to pick the next top-notch crew. To better your future by your own hand has the best reward anyone can ask for.”

Need some odd jobs and honey-dos done around the ranch? Feel free to contact Anza Services and More and know that neighbors are helping neighbors and building a feeling of community in the process.

For more information or to schedule a job, call (951) 763-0084 or visit

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  1. Jill Roberts   July 22, 2017 at 5:22 am

    Keep up the good work Sean!

  2. Teri Morelli   August 10, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    Sean Did great work for me ! I would definitely recommend him!


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