Rumble strips planned on Highway 371 through Anza

The California Department of Transportation is working on the preliminary engineering phase of a safety project on Highway 371 in Anza that will place rumble strips on the shoulders and centerline of the highway.

Rumble strips are used on undivided highways like Highway 371 to reduce crossover and run-off the road traffic accidents. If a driver in tired or not paying attention to his or her driving the vehicle tires hit the rubble strips making a noise and vibrations that hopefully wake the driver up and pay more attention to the road and surrounding traffic.

Caltrans will lay down the rumble strips on Highway 371 from Wilson Valley Road to Cary Road and from Kirby Road to State/Route 371/74 junction on the existing shoulder and centerline, explained Elaheh Handipour, Caltrans PE project manager.

The project is currently in the engineering phase with Caltrans engineers developing the Environment Impact Report and asking agencies like the U.S. Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife and other conservation agencies to weigh in on the report if they believe it will have an impact on the environment.

Once the EIR report is completed and approved the work may begin in late 2018.

The rumble strips will follow the recent shoulder widening and construction of left turn lanes at Barham Avenue and Highway 371. Caltrans on the residents’ request, painted centerline and left turn lines on the highway that runs through the village business area.

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