Sage Ranch holds open house and barbecue

Organically grown peppers, tomatoes, onions and more are offered at the Sage Mountain Farm Grand Opening event Saturday, Sept. 23. Diane Sieker photo

Sage Mountain Farm held a grand opening at their field location in Anza Saturday, Sept. 23, to celebrate the harvest season.

Owner Phil Nobel entertained guests with his wealth of information on the organic fruits, vegetables and meats that Sage Mountain Farm offers. Free slider sandwiches featuring Nobel’s own organically and sustainably raised beef were available to anyone that stopped to visit.

The farm also showed off its collection of wares, including local Jam Lady strawberry jams, Desert Flower honey, certified organic fruits and vegetables, farm-fresh pork and chicken and the star of the show, as always, luscious and large watermelons.

Several different varieties of organically grown watermelons were offered for sale at extremely reasonable prices, and they disappeared at a rapid pace.

Patrons enjoyed the beautiful day, warm and gentle breezes, the good food, conversation and scenic views from the very fields where the produce was grown. Anza residents were offered a 15 percent discount on any purchases.

Many out-of-towners were attracted by the colorful feather banners and open gates to discover the wonderful items offered by Sage Mountain Farm.

The fresh vegetable stand is located in Anza at state Route 371 and Bahrman Road.

For more information on Sage Mountain Farm, visit or or call (951) 663-3079.

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