Spectacular bloom expected at Anza Borrego Desert State Park

A carpet of Wildflowers from a previous year's bloom. Jerry Vaughn/Anza Borrego Foundation photo.
A carpet of Wildflowers from a previous year’s bloom. Jerry Vaughn/Anza Borrego Foundation photo.

A spectacular bloom of wildflowers is underway at Anza Borrego Desert State Park and by the middle of March, it’s expected to just get better and better, according to park officials.

As of March 3, over 7 inches of rain has fallen this season and the Borrego Desert is full of green with flowers in stages of both bud and blooms, a press release issued by the park is reporting.

“We are on the ‘uphill side’ of the peak bloom and experiencing more open flowers with each passing sunny day,” the release states.

According to park officials, there are many locations where open flowers can be seen, especially for those willing to wander among the buds and blooms throughout the park.

“A top location is anywhere within a two-mile stretch of the Coyote Canyon Jeep Road, north of the north end of DiGiorgio Road with abundant Peirson’s Primoses and others, including a few remarkable Desert Lilies,” the park reported.

Patches of pink sand, verbena, dune evening primroses with wide white petals, yellow desert sunflowers and desert lilies can all be found throughout the Henderson Canyon Road area.

“Around Borrego Springs, roadsides are lined with yellow Desert Dandelions and other wildflowers. These flowers are best seen in the morning, as some blossoms close in the afternoon,” the release states.

The popular annual Borrego Desert Garden Tour featuring seven private gardens and several of the homes open for viewing and scheduled for Saturday, March 18 are now on sale and can be purchased at the Anza Borrego Desert National History Association Nature Center or online are www.abdnha.org/gardentour. Early bird pricing is in effect through March 11.

“While at the ABDNHA Nature Center, be sure to visit our Borrego Botanical Garden, where blue-purple Desert Canterbury Bells and two species of pink and coral penstemon are in full bloom this week,” the release states.

Visit BorregoInSpringtime on Facebook – for the online photo festival of Smartphone photography where all are welcome to share their photos.

“The weather is still cool for hiking, and the blue skies and mountain views round out a day in the beautiful Borrego Desert.”

Flower location maps are now available at the ABDNHA Borrego Desert Nature Center at 652 Palm Canyon Drive in Borrego Springs.

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