‘Three Wise Men and a King’ performed by students

Anza Valley Christian School (AVC) players brought down the house on the eve of Dec. 21, 2012, in a delightful play called “Three Wise men and a King.” Directed by Celena Gregg, the play put a new twist on the wise men story. It was eventful and delightfully entertaining.

AVC School Board Director Renette Davis had this to say, “Of all the plays I have seen, this one was the most amazing, boys and girls. You did a great job! We have had some tears from laughter and our hearts were also moved to tears with the message of Christ.”

The wise men or three kings from the East had bigger than life personalities, Elvis – King of Rock, played by Ralph Schueler, King of the Cowboys, played by Autry Gregg, and King of Soul, played by Aiden Heredia were very entertaining. The other interesting group all throughout the play was the stars who each were watching what the humans would do.

While they too wondered what they could give a King who had made everything, the baby King Jesus. The stars were – star played by Ben Clegg, Twink played by Malanan Dodd, Sparklett played by Annalyn Sawtelle, and Glow played by Emma Carr. The stars saw that the wise men came not only to give baby Jesus their treasures, but their love, their heart, and their worship.

Mary and Joseph was played by Victoria Chacon and Alex Lopez. Other members were King Herrod played by Pastor Kevin Watson, Scribe played by Christina Bryant, Townsman 1 played by Hardy Houston and Townsman 2 played by Zack Vonk, Martha played by Allana Lopez, Lydia played by Nina Watson.

Scripture readers were Brandi Lavender, Realyn Sawtelle, Madison Lamont, and Zack Vouk. Closing comments were given by Paisley Miller and the sign holder was Rachel Clegg.

There were several musical numbers sung throughout the play, “Go Tell it on the Mountain,” “We Three Kings,” “Joy to the World,” “Star,” “Lead us to Jesus,” “I Can Only Imagine,” and “The Best Gifts is Me.”

All this took place against the beautiful starry sky and town of Bethlehem painted by Brittany Watson, the special lighting and sound was done by Craig Downey.

At the end, the whole cast sang “Happy Birthday” to the newborn King Jesus as a special birthday cake, made by Natalie Daniel, was wheeled out on stage, reminding us that He is the reason for the season.

A fundraising dinner was served pre-play by the players with a smile. Later, everyone was reminded what AVC has meant to many and why it is important to continue its support.

“Anza Valley Christian School has entered the hearts of many in this Valley and the fruition of it has been a blessing in so many lives. As Pastor Bob pointed out earlier, many of our graduating students are/or are planning on being missionaries, serving the Lord around the world. Others are planning on college and they too are/will be a blessing to the communities that they now are living in. Because of this we are thankful for your continued support,” said Renette Davis in closing.

She also thanked the teachers who everyday pour into these children’s lives: Betty O’ Hanlon, Cindy and Pastor Kevin Watson.

To raise money for the school, AVC is offering a professional DVD of the play, “Three Wise Men and a King” with bonus interviews of the cast and characters in full costume. This DVD is sure to become a favorite at only $10. Call the church office to get your copy today at (951) 763-4937.

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  1. Terri   January 14, 2013 at 5:53 pm

    Thank you for the wonderful write up about the AVCS Christmas Play. I am in complete agreement with Renette Davies that this was one of the best Christmas plays I have seen. It was such a joy to attend.

  2. Kim Vonk   January 14, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    Wonderful article…. thank you


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