Updates: A man and three mules, an American saga

According to John McDonald, Mule’s court date of Feb. 6 has been moved to March 8 to give Mule and his lawyer, a friend of John’s who is helping, time to prepare. The public is still welcome to attend as a sign of solidarity.

On Facebook, a question of finances was posted, here is the answer given by John: “He gets social security (65-years-old). (Mule) did many odd jobs over the years as he moved from place to place. And although he doesn’t ask for money, he will not turn it down when it is offered to him.”

Mule lives simply, see a list of his expenses and listen to him talk about his life on Facebook. Go to www.3mules.com and follow the link.

Note: The picture is the correct picture for “Walking in the Cleveland National Forest” by John McDonald. The picture last week was wrongly captioned.

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  1. Jodi Thomas   February 24, 2013 at 12:34 am

    Update- Mule Man will now appear before a judge in the fall of 2013 to protest citation. Check 3mules.com for updates as well as in the Anza Valley Outlook and it’s associated papers.


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