Valley Gospel Chapel to join the CityReach Network family

The Rev. Blake and Stephanie Booth of Valley Gospel Chapel will change the name of their church to CityReach Anza at their service Sunday, Jan. 21. Courtesy photo

Valley Gospel Chapel in Anza will officially change its name to “CityReach Anza,” 10:30 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 21, to reflect their new association with the CityReach Network.

CityReach Network is the brainchild of the Rev. Brian Bolt whose passion is to plant churches and to reach those who find themselves far from God. Bolt knows about that need on a personal level. He was shot point-blank in the face after a drug deal gone wrong. As he lay dying from his wounds in the back of an ambulance, he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior.

Bolt awoke in his hospital bed many days later a changed man. Now he lives with a passion for Jesus Christ, sharing with others what saved his life. With a fresh passion and zeal and feeling empowered, he set out to share with others the way to their own life-changing journey and salvation through Jesus Christ.

“Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you,” according to Ephesians 5:14.

With Bolt’s initial church planting successful, he saw the need to multiply what he was doing in other parts of the city, using unlikely people in overlooked places for extraordinary things. He decided to plant new satellite churches that would reflect the same passion.

These satellite church plants were not meant to subtract from any other established flock. It was to be an unconventional church, searching for those far away from God, for those he calls the One. He seeks to awaken the One to the possibilities that faith in Jesus Christ brings; he seeks the One others may not want to find.

He also saw the great need for a live-in recovery program to help rebuild broken lives and thus, CityReach Hope Homes were born. Hope Homes provide a place where men and women are encouraged to reach their full potential in a faith-filled, family-style atmosphere.

After establishing his first few satellite church plants and Hope Homes, Bolt felt led to share his knowledge with other pastors who may have the same passion, and the CityReach Network was born. CityReach Network provides training and needed support to those pastors and churches accepted into the CityReach Network Family.

A few years back, the Revs. Blake and Stephanie Booth of Valley Gospel Chapel felt a call in their hearts to church plant again – a reflection of their early ministry days interning under Guts Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Booths’ search for wisdom and guidance eventually led them to finding the CityReach Network. They shared Bolt’s passion and credo, “Planting churches to reach the One.” CityReach Network programs, training and support felt like a good fit. The Booths applied and were accepted into the program.

The Booths will still pastor the Anza church, and the church will still be organized under the Assemblies of God denomination but with the added association of CityReach Network. This association means Anza will now have a CityReach Hope Home attached to the Anza church. CityReach Anza will also have a new satellite church plant in its future, which will share the CityReach Network’s vision of using unlikely people in overlooked places for extraordinary things with the people of Anza.

The church’s new association with CityReach Network has drawn the attention of anonymous benefactors, giving CityReach Anza a helping hand to do as Jesus said in Matthew 28 to go out to the entire world, to preach the Gospel and to teach disciples.

CityReach Anza invites the community to come celebrate with them and learn more about their plans, 10:30 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 21, with a reception to follow. CityReach Anza is located at 43275 Chapman Road in Anza. Contact them at (951) 763-4622.

To learn more about CityReach Network, visit or

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