Work Resumes on State Route 371 Left Turn Lane Project with Requested Changes

The California Department of Transportation resumed work this week to complete the state Route 371 Left Turn Lane Project at Bahram Road that will include additional highway work requested by Anza residents in an Anza Valley Municipal Advisory Council meeting in July.

“Caltrans is pleased to announce that the project scope has been altered to accommodate the extension of a two-way continuous left turn lane from the center of Anza to the intersections at Bahram rather than the originally planned left turn lanes at Bahram,” announced Terri Kasinga, chief of public information officer for Caltrans District 8. “Requests from the Anza community at a recent Municipal Advisory Council meeting led Caltrans to change the lane configuration based on the access needs of community and local businesses.” The changes being requested by Anza residents required an additional $160,000 to be added to the original $520,000 project.

The work was scheduled to resume Monday, Oct. 3, with lane closures along with flagging taking place from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. The construction will continue weather permitting through the month of October. The additional work will take place with minimal traffic impacts through the end of the project, Kasinga said. The work was initially scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

The planning change by Caltrans was the second in the community with the first being a plan to cut some of the historic trees along state Route 371 in the main village area. Plans were changed on the residents’ requests and updated engineering reports.

“Caltrans expresses its gratitude in the community of Anza for its patience during the project, as well as for the input that led to changes that will allow better access for the community, while still addressing the safety features for which the project was originally designed,” Kasinga said.

Residents are reminded by Caltrans that they can “Know before you go!” and stay on top of roadwork in Riverside and San Bernardino counties by visiting and signing up for commuter alerts. View traffic conditions at

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