Blue Diamond Horseshoe, LLC, raises up race champions on Anza farm

A pair of Blue Diamond Horseshoe, LLC Thoroughbreds ripping up the track.  Reneé Beckwith photo
A pair of Blue Diamond Horseshoe, LLC Thoroughbreds ripping up the track. Reneé Beckwith photo

Have you ever wondered what the ranch off Jojoba Road and Hwy. 371 is all about? There are many horses and foals and it is one busy place!  Well, wonder no more.

The ranch is called Blue Diamond Horseshoe, LLC, owned by Mike and Debbie Tippett.

“We breed, foal, train, race and sell very high quality thoroughbred race horses. We breed to outside mares as well as our own,” Farm Manager Reneé Beckwith explained.

Beckwith’s responsibilities as manager demand a huge range of skills. She handles breeding and boarding contracts, invoicing, talking to clients, communicating with the owners, keeping tabs on the pregnant mares via cameras, making sure the mares and foals are attended to, scheduling, transportation, running errands, managing social media and the website, answering emails and giving tours, to name just a bit of what she does.

The horses housed at the farm are very special and their care is first-rate. In today’s racing world, they have some of the most sought after bloodlines available. The animals get the best of everything.

The stallions that Blue Diamond Horseshoe, LLC owns are from impressive pedigrees. The bloodlines and the amount of money they have won and their parents and grandparents have won is what makes them special, as well as what their offspring accomplish.

For example, Beckwith clarified some of the foaling procedures. “There is a protocol we go through for every mare and foal. We have a form we complete that has everything marked with its completion and time of completion. Time of birth, date, sex, color, time it stood, time we gave the enema, time it nurses, time the placenta passes, did it stand on its own, did it nurse on its own, how many days did the mare carry the foal, was the birth normal or did it have complications.”

There are 29 pampered foals expected in 2017.

Foals arrive from January through May. This is after careful selection of both mother and father based on their lineage. The foals are weaned at four months of age. Their basic training begins as they are taught to be haltered, lead, tie, stand for the farrier and the vet and other things that lay the groundwork for ease of more intense training later. They even get their growth plates x-rayed before that training begins to ensure they are ready.

Many of these thoroughbreds are destined for the race track. If they are ready, they are handled by expert trainers. It is even determined if they prefer to run on dirt, grass or synthetic surfaces and this helps place them at the best track for their talents. But what happens after their racing days are over?

“We either find them a perfect home or we retire them to become a broodmare, a stallion or a pasture horse. We do to not slaughter our horses or send them to slaughter auctions. Some of our horses we sell as weanlings, yearlings, 2-year-olds and up. The horses here are treated like family, because they are our family members.”

Beckwith continued, “They are loved and spoiled. They mean the world to us and great care is taken to make their lives as perfect as it can be. They don’t all race. Just because we breed them to race doesn’t mean they all want to do that. If they don’t want to, we don’t make them. We find them something they want to do and they do that instead.”

With thoroughbred racing getting criticism lately, mainly due to reports of “unethical” treatment of the animals, rumors and falsehoods abound. It is obvious that Blue Diamond Horseshoe, LLC goes the extra mile to ensure humane, kind and productive lives for their horses.

Beckwith suggests you decide for yourself.

“Ask questions. Be careful what you read on the internet. Not everything is true and not every farm is like they discuss. The best way is to visit farms, go to the race track, friend people on Facebook that are into this sport,” Beckwith said.

It is obvious that Blue Diamond Horseshoe, LLC and Reneé Beckwith place a lot of importance on the animals they breed and care for.

To learn more about Blue Diamond Horseshoe, LLC, visit or see their Facebook page at

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