Anza’s 1st Annual “Rust and Shine” Car Show

Milt Jordan stands with his 1946 Chevrolet pickup. It was used to drive Milt and Pat to their wedding in 1976.  Jodi Thomas photos
Milt Jordan stands with his 1946 Chevrolet pickup. It was used to drive Milt and Pat to their wedding in 1976. Jodi Thomas photos

This was a fun event where community came together to enjoy each other and the love of the classics embodied in glass, mental, rubber and vinyl. The result was a day of relaxing with friends and acquaintances while showing off their “Pride in Joy.”

There were different categories; many brought their working classic truck just gussied up some.  They shared that the trucks were still used for dump runs and to pick up hay and anything else that any working ranch truck would do. Some vehicles had been in the family since the day they rolled off the dealership floor or close to it. Here they stood some 30-plus years later, still running and in good, useful condition.  This is a testimony to American ingenuity and to an owner’s care, which for some was their first love.

What the participants had to say

Local man Tom Parr attended the show with his 1950 Dodge, 1-ton flatbed pickup truck he purchased a year ago from Ray Schooley, a local collector. Parr said it’s his ranch truck and he drives it every day.

“This is a real good turnout. This could turn out to be something real big for Anza,” he said.

Another local, Ken Ogden, found his Mustang off Kirby. He restored the paint and interior to factory specifications. The beautiful silver blue color he chose would have been an original Mustang color.

“It’s a real nice turnout. It’s good times. It can only get better from here,” Ogden said.

Local man of 40 years, Roy Wilson, brought his Muscle Car, a 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 with original everything and only 68,000 original miles to share. He has owned the car for 20 years.

Bill and Shirley Housley from LRE brought their 1957 Bel Air Chevrolet they have owned since 1987 purchased out of Orange County.

“Great turn out, wonderful! My only complaint is we would like to hear more 50s and 60s music,” said Shirley Housley.

Locals Steve and Cheryl Silkotch have owned their 1934 Classic Black Buick Limousine for some time. At 81-years-old it, is in its original condition and can still be driven; in fact Steve drove it over from the ranch to be in the car show. It was originally purchased and driven by Steve’s dad out of Torrance Airport. Torrance Airport is a small private airport close to Palos Verdes area, a suburb of LA and home to many dignitaries and movie stars. One can only wonder what dignitaries and movie stars must have at one time ridden in this car.

Jack and Pat Sprint of LRE drove this 1972 C-10 Chevy off the dealer’s lot for $3,300. With a little over 200,000 miles on it, it is still running strong and in good working condition. The Sprint’s use it to make dump runs and pick up animal feed. The Sprint’s thought the turnout was “real good,” for the first annual Rust and Shine Car Show.

Locals Milt and Pat Jordan’s 1946 Chevrolet pickup was used to drive them to their wedding in 1976. Milt says it’s sat in the boneyard for 25 years and five years ago he dragged it out and restored it.

“Now I drive it every day, it’s a part of the family,” Milt Jordan said, adding that he enjoyed the car show. “I think it’s a real good turnout for the first time.”

Tommy Taylor from Hemet brought his reconstructed 1937 green flatbed Ford tow truck he normally uses to he uses it to haul around his 1946 convertible Hot Rod to shows. He says it’s really a combination of many parts of vehicles. One day he looked out his window at the many different project vehicle parts and said, “I can make this work”, and his beautiful flatbed tow truck with its original 1937 Ford cab was the result.


Winners of the “Rust and Shine” Car Show:

  • Street / Hot Rod Winner – Todd Potter’s ’55 Nomad
  • Stock Truck Winner – Ray Schooley’s ’30 Model A Pickup
  • Custom Car Winner – Chris Walter’s ’67 Malibu
  • Stock Car Winner – Steve Silkotch’s ’34 Buick
  • Custom Truck Winner – Gary Worobec’s ’35 Dodge
  • Muscle Car Winner – Roy Wilson’s ’68 Oldsmobile 442
  • Rust Winner – Buddy Elmore’s ’71 VW Bug
  • Motorcycle Winner – Steve Walker’s ’57 Triumph
  • Tractor Winner – Ray Schooley’s Ford
  • People’s Choice Award!! – Gary Worobec’s ’35 Dodge Pickup

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