The Constitution does not need a Constitutional Convention

The California State Legislature is contemplating joining other states in proposing an Article V Constitutional Convention to change the U.S. Constitution like unto that used by the Founding Fathers in 1787. Under the authorship of Assemblywoman Shannon Grove, it patterns its proposal after sister states Alaska, Florida, Georgia, and New Hampshire each of whom falsely […]

Should we fear Operation Jade Helm?

  Military Operation Jade Helm 15 is billed as the largest peacetime military exercises in 60 years, although no one can remember one larger, or one involving more civilians. Wartime yes, FDR incarcerated over 110 thousand Japanese Americans in World War II. Thousands of troops including America’s greatest: the Navy Seals, the Army Rangers, the […]

Dear Editor,

I would like to address some of the concerns raised publically regarding our proposed ConnectAnza project to bring true high speed broadband Internet access to our members. Cost Several individuals have made erroneous statements regarding the cost of the project. Our estimates are based on industry experts with many years’ experience in building exactly what […]

Dear Editor,

Anza Co-op admits to $3 million loan for fiber optics and the possibility of having to put up a $4 million bond – that’s a potential $7 million risk, so who would pay it back, and how? After being pressured repeatedly about revealing the financial details to this fiber optic project, Kevin Short stated towards […]

Anza Electric Cooperative says vote yes

The Anza Electric Co-op has been established for near 65 years and is a member owned electrical utility.  As researched,  the co-op was made possible through the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) funding under the Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Touchstone Energy website with whom our co-op is affiliated makes this statement, “Your electric co-op belongs […]

AEC Smoke and Mirrors

Dear Editor,   There are many reasons to vote no on “ConnectAnza” at this time. 1.  Fiber-optic Cable will arrive in the Anza basin sometime in the next seven to nine years when it is economically feasible.  By the time it arrives, it will be obsolete. Dramatic innovations in wireless over the next two years will make expensive cable obsolete.  AEC […]

The Tea Party and some Democrats oppose Trans-Pacific Partnership

Many are still ignorant of the coming to fruition, after a decade of numerous secret meetings, a huge trade agreement known as the Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP, first initiated under George W. Bush in 2005 and now pushed by Barack Obama, “which, when finished, will govern 40 percent of U.S. imports and exports” and […]

Majority party blocks measure to provide Californians more workplace flexibility

Brian Jones Assemblyman Democrats on the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee defeated legislation by Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-Santee) and Assemblywoman Catharine Baker (R-San Ramon)  to give employees more flexibility in the work place April 22, 2015. Assembly Bill 1038 would have permitted an individual employee to request an alternative workweek schedule providing for workdays up […]

What billionaire buys your vote for president?

If you are a liberal publication or news outlet, which is all the major networks excepting Fox News, you want your followers to know that the Koch brothers, Charles and David, unduly fund Republican Party candidates and causes on the right side of the political spectrum. Liberal newspapers, including almost all big city newspapers and […]

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