Judicial Legislation, Again

Two years ago 28 states (more than half) sued the federal government for exceeding its power by forcing the mandate that everyone in the United States buy health insurance or pay a stiff fine.  The Affordable Care Act survived as constitutional when Chief Justice John Roberts redefined the mandate as a tax (an argument consistently […]

Measure to Support “Made in America” Labeling in California Passes Final Hurdle, Heads to Governor’s Desk

Assemblyman Brian Jones Special to Anza Valley Outlook   SACRAMENTO – Legislation to allow manufacturers to label their products “Made in America” if no more than 10 percent of the final product is made outside of the United States passed the California State Assembly today and now moves to the Governor’s desk for signature.  Senate […]

Responsible journalism is a must for all

Ethical and responsible journalism is necessary for all who chose journalism as their career. Recently, an editorial posted on Facebook from a competing paper has caused me to sit down and review the code of ethics from which all reporters and editors should be basing their coverage of local events. I wanted to share them […]

Letter by Alan Thomas

Hi, I am Alan Thomas who lost for the third district director’s position for the Anza Electric Co-op. (AEC). There were only 341 valid ballots received of which I had 87 votes. Thank you to those who voted and supported me. My full intent for running was to be a Membership representative to the Members […]

Dear Editor,

Isn’t it interesting that when the price of crude oil dropped like a rock, losing over 50 percent of its value, the price of gasoline in California inched down in price but never hitting the same decline as crude oil. Then when the price of crude oil raised a few dollars the price of gasoline […]

Anza Community Members,

I have not nor have ever been involved with Annette Gilliam’s campaign seeking office with the AEC. Mr. Kohout states in his recent article, “She admitted that she never reads either of our two local newspapers, but somehow she needs to be on the Board at the Chamber of Commerce, along with her “campaign manager” Megan […]

The Supreme Court defies the Constitution on Same-Sex Marriage

By Harold Pease, Ph. D The outcry against five justices who, abandoned Christian law as articulated in the Bible (the judaeo-christian code was the bases of the Constitution and our culture), all constitutional law prior to the 14th Amendment to the Constitution in 1868, and the vast majority of her present citizens, making something legally […]

EPA Versus rural America

Mike Machado Special to Anza Valley Outlook The Environmental Protection Agency, for those of us only recently awakened by the agency’s relentless attacks on industry and utilities, is the official environmental arm of the White House. It was first named the EPA by our beloved Richard Nixon in consolidation of other environmental agencies formed under […]

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