A beautiful ‘Sunday Drive’ interrupted

A beautiful ‘Sunday Drive’ interrupted

Planning on a Day Trip: Out on a Sunday drive traveling from the San Diego area a couple is looking forward to visiting Twice Loved Treasures; they are repeat customers. Arriving at 10 a.m. they discover that the shop opens at 11 a.m. on Sundays. They decide to go on ahead and drive up to […]

Santa Sanders’ appeal, we all like free stuff

If you are flummoxed as to how an aging, hard-core, avowed socialist like Bernie Sanders is leading in New Hampshire and nipping at Hillary Clinton in the national polls for the Democratic nomination for president, don’t be. It’s really quite simple, we all like free stuff. Think about it. Why does every product advertised on […]

The Real Constitutional Candidate for President

Liberty Under Fire has examined the candidates for president as to their intention to give first consideration in problem-solving to the Constitution.  Many of the problems now facing this nation and the expensive, time-consuming lawsuits to bring the Barack Obama administration in line with it, are due to his not following the Constitution.  Our current […]

Local Lore: A signal on signal taxes

Years ago in Anza, California there were rumors that Bautista Canyon road was going to be paved all the way to Hemet. That rumor has resurfaced again and again for the last 40 years. It always amazed me that any time an official from Riverside county came up here to talk to the people (the […]

Why does the federal government own Oregon?

The most important question with respect to the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by Oregon ranchers remains unanswered by the press covering the story.  Why does the federal government own 52.6 percent of Oregon leaving them owning but 47.4 of themselves?   It does not own New York or Virginia or Massachusetts.  Those occupying […]

Anza Valley Outlooks

Anza Valley Outlooks

The Anza Valley Outlook wants to know what you think about certain Issues that affect our community. This week, writer Allison Renck asked savvy readers, “With the start of 2016, what are your hopes for the New Year for yourself and for the community of Anza?” See what locals had to say in this week’s […]

The Cosby-Clinton connection

The recent revelations about Bill Cosby have turned the nation’s decades long love affair with the actor into one of disgust, even repulsion. This raises the question: How long before the nation’s decades long love affair with the nation’s 40th president will come to an equally abrupt end? The sordid stories of the sexual escapades […]

“We Cannot Wait for Congress to Act on This”

“We cannot wait for Congress to act on this,” so said President Barack Obama Tuesday in his first address to the nation in 2016.  In essence he will now make the laws dealing with the second Amendment himself because Congress refused to make law the president wanted.  Mostly the executive orders (new laws) expand required background […]

‘Turn Around, Don’t Drown’ this El Niño season

The wacky weather we have been experiencing is at the top of the list of things on my mind. As I write this editorial it is a bone-chilling 49 degrees, on its way down to 39. I don’t remember it being this cold last year, but hey, maybe it’s just me. The El Niño storms […]

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