The best place to study gun issues is Chicago

Every scientist looks for the best place to study his targeted phenomenon—tornadoes in the Mid-West, hurricanes in the Caribbean, ice thinning in the Artic or thickening in the Antarctic.  For gun issues this would be Chicago because it is the murder capitol of the United States and the handgun is the favored killing instrument and […]

Boehner’s gone, who’s crying now?

“It stinks!” That was how incoming Speaker of the House Paul Ryan explained the back-room deal hatched by outgoing Speaker John Boehner and Democratic leaders that raised the debt ceiling and put us on automatic pilot to the spending stratosphere through the rest of Obama’s term. Boehner claimed he was “cleaning the barn” before Ryan […]

Congress does not want fiscal irresponsibility on ballot

Who says that bipartisanship does not exist in the Federal Government?  In a largely secret and hurriedly framed agreement between President Barack Obama, House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, representatives of both major political parties, agreed to delay for two years a real curb on their addiction to spending.  Monday, November […]

Honor our veterans more than ever

Veterans Day is only a few days away and being a veteran myself I always have been proud of the time I served. Yet, something has bothered me in the past few years about honoring our brave servicemen and women. So many times I have been at church or at a public gathering on Memorial […]

What is Democratic Socialism?

Bernie Sanders, a socialist, has achieved quite a following in the race for the Democratic nomination for president. How many of his followers really know what he stands for? There was a telling moment in the first Democratic presidential debate in which Anderson Cooper tried to pin him down. It took several tries, but Cooper […]

Constitutionally the House cannot select a non-member Speaker

Perhaps by the time this column is published a new Speaker of the House will have been selected and the issue resolved, for now. At present, with no member of the House wanting the job, the idea of having someone not presently a member selected by the House of Representatives is seriously being considered. Such […]

What Kevin McCarthy did to Kevin McCarthy

The fact that my congressman, Kevin McCarthy, could not secure 218 Republican House votes to replace Speaker John A. Boehner, after virtually being nominated by him, did not surprise me—he earned it.  He is an extremely likeable fellow and certainly a leader but he has two flaws that came to hurt him.  McCarthy is first […]

Free your Congressman from the house monarchy

Last week, our republic dodged a bullet when, at the 11th hour, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced that he was removing himself from consideration for speaker of the House. His surprise announcement came after John Boehner had assembled all GOP House members to elect his replacement. Speaker Boehner, who is supposed to retire at […]

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