Where Was the Constitution in the Debate?   

Eleven debaters gathered at the Reagan Library September 16, to share their plans and visions for our future.  Each extolled the virtues of Ronald Reagan and claimed to be more Reagan-like than any of their competitors.  Countries discussed included Russia, Iran, China, Syria and Israel.  And topics seen to be most important were mostly centered […]

The Progressive Movement and the Constitution

We have spent some time on how the Progressive Movement hurt our black communities and how some of their leaders have provided solutions to rescue their people — not the race baiters selected by the media to be the only black voice, like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Their common message, “Blacks are worse off […]

Black solutions for black problems

We recently looked at the well-meaning progressive policies of the last 50 years, notably welfare, that have done much to return our black brother to a slavery of dependence and seemingly to set our black communities on fire driven mostly by angry black young men who have turned first on their own race then on […]

Jones supports life, opposes assisted suicide

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Assemblyman Brian Jones, R-Santee, defended the value of life in the face of a bill that would allow physicians to give patients medication to end their own lives. Assemblyman Jones voted against the bill on Sept. 11 and released the following statement on the Aid in Dying bill, Assembly Bill X2 15: “The Health […]

Have we returned blacks to slavery?

Harold Pease Ph. D Columnist Ferguson, Detroit, Baltimore and now the willful unloading by an angry black man of 15 bullets into a Texas deputy who was innocently fueling his automobile. Each seemingly has one thing in common – pent up anger directed first at their own race and now at law enforcement. “Black lives […]

Do not kill police officers, black people, white people or any people

Glenn Mollette Special to Anza Valley Outlook I had never heard of Chicago suburb Fox Lake police officer Joe Gliniewicz. Recently, three men murdered him. Sadly I now know about what a great man and police officer he was. Could this be a good time to reinstate the sixth commandment? You might know it better […]

We would do well to remember that all lives matter

  It’s not often that I venture into the world of national politics, but this week I’m fired up and feel the need to put something out there on the recent rash of violence against police officers in the United States. The execution-style murder of a Texas deputy, Darren Goforth, while he filled up his […]

Congressman Ruiz wants to know his constituents’ opinion on Iran Nuclear Deal

In a letter dated Aug. 25, 2015, Anza’s Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz wrote: Dear Friend, In July the president announced that after two years of negotiations, the United States, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom have come to an agreement with Iran called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, commonly known as the […]

Birthright citizenship does not exist in the Constitution

Amazingly presidential candidate Donald Trump is right; birthright citizenship does not exist in the Constitution. The establishment media, including Fox News, jumped all over Trump like a swarm of Africanized honey bees over a pot of honey, attempting to portray him as ignorant on the Constitution. Although he may be on many other things, he […]

Scouting Files Show a Pattern of Molestation

A couple of weeks ago The Boy Scouts of America Executive Committee unanimously approved allowing gay adults to serve as leaders.  The reason given, “the rapid changes in society and increasing legal challenges at the federal, state and local levels.”  Gays have argued that the Boy Scouts of America “stood as a towering example of […]

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