Saying goodbye to an old friend

Jodi Thomas. Alan Thomas photo
Jodi Thomas. Alan Thomas photo

Kim Harris and Julie Reeder

Saying goodbye to an old friend is never easy. Jodi Thomas has served as the Anza Valley Outlook’s Area Manager for many years. Due to a realignment within Reeder Media, Jodi’s position has been eliminated and we are sorry to see her go.

Jodi was the face of the Anza Valley Outlook in the community since she originally came onboard as a staff member in 2011. She worked tirelessly to cover all the news and events that are important to the community of Anza. Never one to miss a beat, from Friday night football games to community events such as Cowboy Days and Anza Days to Gymkhana and the mower races, Jodi could be found at almost every event, with her trusty camera in hand.

Jodi played a major role in the lives of many within the community and she loved every second of it.

She played an important role within the business community as well. Jodi worked tirelessly with a variety of business owners, helping them to build their business through our unique advertising programs in print, online and more recently through our new digital services, including blogging, website management and social media services, reaching thousands of readers each week.

Jodi didn’t just work for the Anza Valley Outlook, she was the Anza Valley Outlook. With her departure, we are working to ensure that the residents of Anza and the surrounding communities receive the high quality of fair and balanced news they have become accustomed to with our paper. To make sure we are giving Anza the adequate coverage it deserves we will continue to have staff writer Tony Ault cover news in Anza as well as continue our relationship with our newest freelance writer, Diane Seiker who has decades of experience in reporting the news.

As we bid goodbye to a longtime friend, we look to a future of continued goodwill with the residents and business owners in Anza. To Jodi, we wish her all the best in her future endeavors and know where ever she finds herself, she will be the best at what she does.

And now, here are Jodi’s parting words for her readers.

“For over five years I have listened to your stories, visited your events, written about and taken tens of thousands photographs of this community. I have helped you with your marketing needs. I have, in essence, recorded your history.

“I hope you will continue to share your stories with the staff as the Anza Valley Outlook continues to strive to be the source of reliable news you can trust. Staff at the paper loves the community it serves. You will be working directly with Managing Editor Kim Harris. She really does care about the community and will be doing her best to make you shine.

“I poured my life into serving my community. I have been reporting who you are and what you were up to, creating positive understanding of our citizens and to let you shine. I have been there to herald the truth though good and bad times. This was for a time, my life’s mission. For me the task at hand was a sacred honor.

“So now I move on and see what my next assignment will be. I am reminded by my Heavenly Father that I am the same person no matter what task is placed before me and that my reliance is on Him.

“I am excited to attack the next goal.

“Thank you for allowing me into your lives and giving me the opportunity to learn and grow and prove myself. It has been one heck of a ride.” Jodi Thomas

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