Bobcats triumph during Homecoming 2016 will be long remembered

Bobcat first TD and goal was during the second quarter making the score 7 Bobcats - 6 Eagles. Jodi Thomas photo
Bobcat first TD and goal was during the second quarter making the score 7 Bobcats – 6 Eagles. Jodi Thomas photo

Homecoming 2016 will be long remembered it was hard fought and in the end the Bobcats’ triumphed with the score 13 to 12 over their rivals the Upland Christian Eagles.

Throughout the game there were penalties against the Bobcats that hampered their progression and even reversed a touchdown but the last three minutes of the game things changed for the hometown team. The game became intense when the Eagles had possession of the ball and were close to another touchdown. The Bobcats offensive line fought with a vengeance to keep their dream of a post season game alive.

Head Coach Keith Mooreman shouted enthusiastically to the Bobcat crowd and cheerleaders to “Make Some Noise!” The crowd responded with a loud resounding cheers that continued through to the end of the game.

The team seemed to draw strength from the crowd and the fired-up Bobcats were defeating their foes and taking back ground. With about one minute and 49 seconds to go the Bobcats made it down the field and into the end zone, scoring what would be the game winning TD.

The excitement lingered after the game as everyone was hyped up and excited. The team’s accomplishments were being heralded as parents, family, friends and others talked about it and congratulated the players they passed as they left the stadium.

Mooreman gathered the team after the game and praised them for keeping their heads and not letting the flags and penalties distract them. It is interesting to note just how hard this team plays as each player plays both offense and defense with only two on the team that rotate in and out. That night 20 suited up and half of them were junior varsity. It is the smallest rooster Mooreman has seen since coming to coach at Hamilton back in 2012.

“This is a strange season; I’ve had more discipline problems and injuries than any other season and I’ve been coaching for 30 years. This year we have such a small roster and these kids are so resilient they keep coming back,” Mooreman said. “I told them all week that tonight would be an evenly matched game and that it would be a dogfight and that it’s your homecoming and you can’t give up you gotta fight to the end and they really did!”

Mooreman said the team “overcame a lot of things,” to secure the win.

“There were a lot of penalties against us and they overcame those. We had no injuries tonight and that was really big,” he said. “Hats off to the kids they persevered all the way to the end and won!”

The Bobcats will play an away game against the Sherman Indian Braves Friday, Nov. 4, at 7 p.m. The school is located at 9010 Magnolia Ave., in Riverside.

This is their last league game of the 2016 season. If they win against the Braves next week the Bobcats will win league and go to the playoffs.

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