Young dog, Old dog

Being somewhat long of tooth, that is to say getting up there in years, I have had occasion to be fortunate in life to be the owner of a number of dogs. I know that there is a saying that a dog is man’s best friend; I guess that really depends on how much of […]

Second Annual Temecula Bulldog Revival wows crowds in Aguanga

Second Annual Temecula Bulldog Revival wows crowds in Aguanga

An unforgettable event took place in Wilson Valley in Aguanga the weekend of Feb. 24-25 when Bulldogs from all over Southern California came to take part in the second annual Temecula Bulldog Revival Show and Iron Dog Competition. Hosted by Maximum Power Kennels of Aguanga, this ABA (American Bully Association) and AMA (American Molosser Association) sanctioned show was great fun for both man and […]

County regulation of fighting canines changed

RIVERSIDE – To ensure that dogs aren’t euthanized merely on the basis of their breeding, the Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance requiring animal control officials to individually evaluate all canines that are impounded in county facilities during its Jan. 24 meeting. Ordinance No. 771’s language incorporates terms established under Assembly Bill 1825, which the governor […]

Dog whispering

Years ago in Anza, I had an occasion to get into a conversation with a very old friend of mine on the subject of the canine species. We told each other a number of tales concerning the care treatment and training of said species. Most people back in those days referred to their dogs as […]

Dogs, Cats and Grandkids

As we go through life it sometimes becomes apparent that things change. When I was a kid and I wanted to have a drink of milk I opened the refrigerator took out the milk carton, smelled the milk and if it smelled all right, then went ahead and drank it although, sometimes as I was […]

Abandoned pet recovery and options discussed

Abandoned pet recovery and options discussed

Anza residents learned about what they can do once they find an abandoned animal and when special clinics for pets will be held during a special community meeting at the Anza Community Hall Wednesday Nov. 4 Mary Wilson, organizer of the Anza Aguanga Community Pet Food Bank, conducted the meeting with special guest speaker local […]