In America, ‘We don’t worship government – We worship God’

If the president does what he said he will do, as so far Trump has, Christians and Christian values can look forward to a new era of respect and value. President Donald Trump gave two powerful, policy-changing addresses Friday, Sept. 13, one to the Values Voters Conference which is filled with mostly Christian leaders and the second […]

Why should Congress be exempted from ‘Obamacare’ and not you?

“If “Obamacare”is hurting people, & it is, why shouldn’t it hurt the insurance companies & why should Congress not be paying what the public pays?” President Donald Trump tweeted. Trump wants to remove privileged taxpayer subsidies to members of Congress, their staffs and insurance companies, at least until they pass something on health care. Each […]

The North American Union is on the table, again

Those of us who have taught international issues for decades have something to offer those who have not. Internationalism, new world order, world order and globalism are synonyms for world government. Other terms such as inter-nationalization, multilateral, politicization, integration, free trade, commonality, convergence, unification, harmonization and open borders are often used in conjunction with these synonyms […]

When patriotism becomes mostly seasonal

Following our annual celebration of the Fourth of July, sometimes reflection is helpful. A week before this holiday everyone dons a patriotic tie. A week later few do. This inconsistent behavior is seasonal patriotism. The event comes and goes; essentially, the colors red, white, and blue are popular for a day, and then out. You might even be viewed […]

The real issue, Trump threatens the globalist 

Not since Barry Goldwater in 1964 have I seen the establishment turn on one man with a unity and vehemence, as though from the very bowels of hell, as it has Donald Trump. It’s a full court press consisting of big governments types from both political parties, the establishment press (all networks except Fox), Hollywood […]

Trump meets with establishment guru Kissinger

Donald Trump met with Henry Kissinger at Trump’s request May 18.  He admits to their having had several phone conversations the last few weeks with the 92-year-old monarch of the establishment.  Indeed, no one other than Kissinger’s mentor David Rockefeller, is more establishment.  Together they have served for 50 years as architects of world government […]

Trump Advocacy of Enhanced Interrogation Still Feels Wrong

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has made no secret of his intention to use enhanced interrogation techniques in order to collect intelligence the government considers critical to protecting the United States. “The enemy is cutting off the heads of Christians and drowning them in cages, and yet we are too politically correct to respond in kind,” […]

We are all socialists now

The near panic associated with the possibility of Bernie Sanders, after winning the New Hampshire primary and doing so well in South Carolina and Nevada, overtaking Hillary Clinton and becoming the Democratic nominee for president, is treated by the establishment press as a gigantic move into socialism, but it shouldn’t.  Seven years ago, Feb. 16, […]

The Progressive Movement and the Constitution

We have spent some time on how the Progressive Movement hurt our black communities and how some of their leaders have provided solutions to rescue their people — not the race baiters selected by the media to be the only black voice, like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Their common message, “Blacks are worse off […]

California Legislature 71st Assembly District Assemblyman Brian Jones introduces small business legislation

SACRAMENTO – Today Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-Santee), introduced legislation to provide California’s smallest businesses relief from frivolous Proposition 65 litigation.  AB 1252 provides for businesses, with between 10-25 employees, to correct an enforcement action within 14 days after service of notice.  Proposition 65, enacted by the voters in November 1986, was intended to protect California citizens […]