How to stay safe in the event of an active shooter incident, part 2

Editor’s note: This is part two of a two-part series on what to do during an active shooter event. In part one, published in the Jan. 20, Edition of Anza Valley Outlook and available online at, how to survive in an active shooter event was discussed. In this continuation of the story, how to […]

When you enjoy mountain snow, remember safety and etiquette

When you enjoy mountain snow, remember safety and etiquette

Living in the mountain resorts can be a challenge for locals when the snow begins to fly as hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to visit the snow or ski resorts. Here are some tips to make your trip to the mountains safe and enjoyable. Be prepared. Know where you are going ahead of time […]

How to stay safe in the event of an active shooter incident

More than a hundred mass shooter events were recorded in the United States in 2016, according to Nowadays it has become almost commonplace for people at work and in public places to find themselves in danger of being shot by one or more suspects seeking the limelight for a variety of reasons by destroying others. […]

Bobcats running back Randy Lopez earns Bob Stangel Award

Bobcats running back Randy Lopez earns Bob Stangel Award

Randy Lopez, Hamilton High School Football teams outstanding senior running back and safety may be small in frame put has helped lead his team in touchdowns during the past four years with the Bobcats. Nobody is prouder of his achievements than Hamilton Bobcats football coach Keith Moorman and his mother, Catalina Lopez. His outstanding achievements […]

Did a Storm Damage Your Tree?

ANZA – Winter storms cause tremendous stress and severe damage to trees in the urban forest. Snapped or downed trees should be removed, but what about a tree that only suffers minor damage? How can a homeowner tell if a tree is safe enough to keep? Assessing the damage Minor damage – with only the […]

Anza Station 29 Firefighters ready for new El Niño threats

“We have some of our guys ready and trained in swift water rescue,” Station 29 Fire Captain Hans Bolowich said Jan. 13 as a series of new El Niño rains were anticipated for the week. “Fortunately, there have been no major incidents related to the recent rains but we remain cautious,” the fire captain said. […]

Nonprofit offers easy to follow earthquake tips

The nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes offers the following easy and affordable earthquake safety tips for residents. Look Up 1. Support ceiling fans and light pendants with bracing wire secured to a screw eye embedded at least an inch into the ceiling joist. Look Around Secure hanging artwork and furniture with these easy and affordable steps.  […]

Metrolink invites public to think about train safety

LOS ANGELES – The action-adventure film “Insurgent,” which opened in theaters nationwide last week, portrays a future fantasy world. Unfortunately, the movie, along with its prequel “Divergent,” which was released last year, involves characters traveling to different parts of their city by jumping onto and off of moving trains. Although these movies depict a fantasy […]